Weekend is Within Reach....


Woo hoooo! Any exciting plans? It's V-day so I'm sure a lot of people will be heading out to celebrate. Us? Not quite. My hubby has to work and we don't normally brave the crowd on this day. I'd rather stay home and watch TV. Maybe this Sunday? Not sure...but maybe.

The little one is having some tummy troubles again today so that's another reason why we'll be staying put at home. I asked Dad to get her some candies for Valentines...which he does every year anyway.

Right now I'm making dinner...pizza and wings and some pop-corn shrimp. Two of those are boxed so I only had to prepare the chicken myself.

Enjoy your weekend everyone....and valentines day if you're one of those that observe the day anyway.


Ciela said…
Wow, pizza, wings and shrimps!Sarap naman nyan! Paborito ko pa lahat!

Happy Valentines J!! Make li'l one happy, ask her Dad to stay home for a while... he he..

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