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Not too long ago, my oldest sister celebrated her 50th birthday. Up until now I cannot believe that she's actually a 'golden girl'. Since it's some kind of a milestone, my other siblings and their kids gave her a simple birthday party at home. Obviously I wasn't there since I'm thousands of miles away from them...but I got to talk to all of them actually. Can you imagine the phone bill? Anyway, I'm always happy to talk to them and hear news such as a nephew who's almost done with medical school and a niece who's on her 3rd year in law school. These kids were just babies when I left and now they're aspiring doctor & lawyer? Wow. Anyway, one of my nieces though is still not decided what she wants to do. Actually, she hasn't even started taking any college courses because she wanted to work already. Now that she's working, she realized that her promotion is next to nothing if she doesn't have a degree. So I told her to go online and find an online college degree so she can work and study at the same time. I have yet to hear from her whether she did what I suggested. I surely hope so....


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