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During one of my husband’s business trips, he found a cell phone in the airport lounge. He did what he wants someone would have done if his cell phone gets lost…contact the owner of the phone. The guy was already in his point of destination and was staying in a hotel when my husband got a hold of him. He told my husband that his fiancée will be contacting us. She did contact us and she sounded really appreciative of what we’re doing. She emailed us where to send the phone and requested that we send the phone where it can be tracked which meant we had to pay extra for that service. She said she’ll reimburse us with the cost. Guess what? It’s now more than 6 months now and we’ve never heard back from her or her fiancé. I really don’t care about the money we spent sending them the phone back but it would have been nice if she or her fiancé let us know that the phone made it.

I’m just amazed as to how ungrateful some people are sometimes. Oh well, I guess that’s one we can charge to experience. If that happens today, we will still do the same thing plus a link to TrackItBack for them to check. So next time they lose something, they can just use the website to track it down.


J said…
yes, there are definitely people like that. as you said, they should have at least inform you that they got it.

weeding day ba ulit?

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