Chilly Day


And the wind is not helping. We just came back about 2 hours ago from an appointment. What appointment? A doctor's appointment for me. I'll write more about it later on because the little one wants to go out in the yard to play. There's nothing much for her to do outside but run around and watch the squirrels and birds. Dad is planning in putting up a net so she can play kickball or soccer. He is also busy making her a swing at work but she doesn't know about it yet. I can't wait to see her face when she sees it.

Anyway I'm scheduled to do laundry today but the appointment took longer than anticipated so laundry day will be tomorrow. Then Thursday will be another doctor's appointment. Sigh....


Unknown said…
Hey Mama! It's been a while ha?

Anyway, it's been windy here too. And a bit chilly. Plenty of rain clouds but never stick too long to actually pour since the wind keeps blowing it all away.

Take care!

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