Diamond Necklace for the Taking....


Through the years, I’ve accumulated a few pieces of jewelry that I bought myself. I gave away some of them but I also kept some that I’m planning to give our little one when she’s old enough. My mother didn’t have jewelry except for her watch and her wedding ring. I have no idea where her watch is now but I have her wedding ring. It’s not an expensive piece of jewelry because it’s only a simple gold band with a semi-precious stone. But with all the pieces of jewelry I have, that ring is the most precious for me. When I went overseas for the first to teach, that ring served as my security blanket because it made me feel safe and close to home simply because it’s my mother’s. During the first year I was away from home, the apartment I lived in was robbed while my roommate and I were in school. All of the pieces of jewelry I bought with my hard earned money got stolen. I think I lost 2 diamond sets of earrings and rings, necklaces and bracelets. Yes, those pieces were worth a lot of money [for me anyway] but I was sure glad that my mother’s wedding ring was spared because I was wearing it when that happened.

I don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to choosing jewelry but I know my husband does know quite a bit. He actually knows more about jewelry but I don’t want to bother him all the time when I want to buy a piece. So I try to do my research before I buy any jewelry. I am sure glad that I came across a website called Jewelry Information Center. It’s a place that offers great information about, yes, jewelry which includes helpful tips in cleaning and caring for them. Right now, anyone interested can share their own Jewelry Stories for a chance to win a diamond necklace. Maybe I should think about joining myself so I can get my hands on that precious diamond necklace they are giving away. What can be better than a free diamond necklace?


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