Wishing YOU


As for me....I'll be heading out to the hospital for my scheduled CAT Scan today. Hoping it will go without a glitch.....


Wishing you all the best and good health!

Actually, I was kinda worried when I saw your latest pic. You seemed to have lost some weight. I just thought you were just stressed out from many deadlines.

Take plenty of rest Mommy J!
J said…
hola tuks! how was the scan? hope wala ng aberya.
Ritchelle said…
I am wishing you a lovely start of the week Mommy J. Regards to your little one!
Gorgeous MUM said…
hope you'll have good results!

take care!
honey said…
get well soon mum J.. hugsss
Elow ate J! Nakakatakot naman ang Boo! hehehe. Anyway, I hope that your results are clear.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will really take that into consideration when I'll make my final decision. Yes I can go back anytime I want to Canada since I am a Canadian Resident. But I wonder lang if the Alberta Nursing regulatory board will recognize me
as a registered nurse when I don't have any experience and I was educated outside Canada (if ever I study in the Philippines)...

Ang hirap mag-decide! But as you said, I will face my life head-on whatever happens.
J said…
hey Tuks, tulog ka na?

eto, late ulit ako. the usual routine kasi ang "boss" late dumadating lagi.
bluedreamer27 said…
get well soon my friend
ill pray for you
have a great day ahead and God bless

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