It's Official!


My husband has gained weight. LOL! We actually know that already because of that little thing called 'weighing scale' and that preggy look [read: round belly] he's been sporting for the last 7 years... but it I thought it would be funny to share that his wedding ring is now a wee bit small that he had to take it off...again.

Let me backtrack a little. During that busy period at work, he hurt his wedding ring finger not once but twice. The first time it happened, he didn't wear it for about a week or so. The day he put it back on, his finger got hurt again. The second one was much worse so the ring was off for weeks. Last night he decided to put it back on. When he called during lunch today, he said his ring got too tight he had to take it off.

So now I tease him that he's officially 'hefty'.....bwahahahaha....


J said…
I'm not alone pala, but at least my wedding band still fits. si F naman no matter how much food he eats, walang epekto. he burns off everything I guess because of stress at work.

hope your Monday was great. how's the chatterbox?
blessedmom said…
ehehe my hubby is the same even if he works out almost every day.. i guess it's his age mejo mabagal na metabolism as u grow older,, and of course, he's a sweet tooth din kc..:)

musta na mommy and ur lovely princess? take care always! :)

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