Not the game mind you. That's what my husband calls my 'taking over' the couch everytime I'm working on my laptop while watching TV. I can't blame him because I really do take the whole couch when I'm on it with my laptop because aside from me, I have the mouse taking one spot and a tissue box on another. So I really can see what he means. He still has his recliner and the other chair to sit on but he says he also wants to stay on the couch every now and then. So now, he's talking about getting me a table I can use to put the laptop and the mouse while I work on the couch. Not a bad idea but I'm actually thinking of asking him to set up some kind of a working area here on the living room so I won't have to sit on the couch when I work. I already started looking for office furniture so I know what to tell him when I bring up the idea. I also want to look for the furniture we still need for our home office. Something like this one....


Cheryl's Office said…
I agree with your view. Innovation and creativity are clearly the by-products of the work environment you place yourself in each day. You can easily save up to 70% on new office furniture if you shop around. Thanks for the insight.

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