A Must See....

I was literally speechless when I first saw a video where dolphins were recorded blowing bubbles through their blowholes. Not too long ago, a video was aired on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson but I remember seeing it before then. I can’t remember the show where I saw it first but it still amazes me whenever I see how these dolphins make the bubbles. It’s so entertaining to see the dolphins have fun while they make them. They look like little kids having fun with toys. Watch!

Isn’t that something? I don’t think I’ve seen dolphins up close and personal but that will soon change. One of our short-term plans is to visit Sea World in Orlando. This is in part for me and the husband but mainly for the little one. Just like a lot of kids her age, she is very much fascinated with animals especially dolphins. We went to a zoo in San Diego when she was 3 years old and she was of course in awe of all the live animals we came across with during that visit. We wanted to visit Sea World out there but due to time constraint we weren’t able to do so. Hopefully we will be able to visit Sea World and witness the Dolphin Bubbles in person before the middle of this year. I can’t wait to go. If I am this excited, can you imagine how excited the little one is?


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