Preparing for the Unexpected


My scheduled CAT Scan today is moved to Monday. My husband is not happy about the one we went to yesterday for a couple of reasons. One of which is their policy of charging us an upfront fee which is outrageous. So he looked for another place where we can get the scan at much reasonable upfront fee...and he found one. The fee for the one we went to yesterday was 4x more expensive! Don't these people realize that we're in an economic crisis right now? Oh well, now they lost one customer.

So here I am blogging and catching up with chores I wasn't able to do because of my doctor's appointments the past couple of days. It's a good thing I'm home because a friend called and she needed to talk to someone. It seems her job is in jeopardy because of the massive lay-offs going on. If she indeed gets the ax, she planning in taking a PMP exam preparation as soon as possible. She used to work as a project manager for a company back in the Philippines. She wants to brush up on her management skills so she can go back to the field she's really good at. She knows I work online so she asked me if I know of a place that she can check for her plan. Taking an online class will be much easier for her since she can schedule it around her busy life.

I am hoping my friend's job will be spared but we never know. But if she's not as lucky, I think I found the best place for her to take an online project management degree...St. Joseph's University. It's an online university that offers several degrees that my friend can choose from like Engineering Managers, Construction Managers, Management Analysts, Natural Sciences Managers, Computer and Information Systems Managers. I may even ask my husband to look their program as well since he needs some management skills he can use in running his small business.


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