Spring IS H-E-R-E!!!


I should say 'spring/summer' because that's how it is here in the sunshine state. Summer is always a possibility so we never really get a solid 'spring' or 'winter' season because right in the middle of whatever season it, summer hits us. Anyway, as part of our plan for the summer, we are thinking of getting our very first patio set. Not too fancy set yet since we can't afford those. Just a simple one that we can use everytime the weather is good enough to spend outside...like right now. Anyway, maybe next weekend we can start looking around for that along with patio furniture covers to protect the set. We can't do it this weekend because my husband is at the shop meeting with their auditor who is also doing our personal taxes. I'm keeping my fat fingers [and toes] crossed that we get some tax refund so we can buy that patio set already. Ha!


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