A Style Of Her OWN....

It is such a nice day today so we spent our morning doing some chores outside. The little one helped Dad clean his car while I went around the yard pulling out weeds. Yep, the neverending weed-pulling is still going on. We just got back in to have a bite then we’re heading off to the car wash then Lowe’s to look at some plants as well as get some gloves for me. My old ones are worn out already from too much weed pulling so I need a new pair. Right now, the little one is in the back porch watching the squirrels and birds that come in the backyard.

Spring is definitely in the air already and how I wish it stays this way year round…but, it won’t. And since the weather is changing, we need to go shopping for clothes especially for our little one. Unlike us 'oldies', she has to have a change of wardrobe every season because she can’t wear what she wore last spring because she outgrew them already. She’s at that stage where she grows every other day so she has some clothes that she practically outgrew after wearing it once.

Being an online shopper, the internet is usually my first stop when shopping for anything. That means I don’t have to walk around the stores aimlessly looking for something the little one will approve of. Yep, I now need her approval before buying something that SHE HAS to wear. She knows what she wants when she sees it so all I have to do is look and ask her if she likes what I found or not. Hard? Not quite especially if the store is like R&S Avenue where different great products like harajuku lovers are available. The products made by harajaku lovers are quite unique and eye catching so I ask her to sit by me and see if there's anything she wants. After looking, she picked this pair of pants. Look at the details on this pants....

She fell in love with the characters so she just has to have them. And this is the shirt the little one wants to go with the pants...
Wheeww....2 down, 20 more to go?


Ciela said…
Naku, young lady na si li'l one! Is she already asking you not to buy her personal stuff unless she has seen what you're buying? Ganyan kasi ang girl ko when she was a little older na eh.

With God's blessing, feeling fine na ang aking pains sa tagiliran. Thanks sa concern, J! Sige na naman isang video post lang ni singing J! Ha ha ha.. sensya na sa kakulitan ko ha? Promise, mawawala insomnia ko. he he..

Have a nice week ahead!
J said…
I'm kind of envious with your nice weather. dito, winter jacket pa rin kami, as it's only in the 40's.

ayan, ang baby mo namimili na ng damit. pretty soon, she will be buying on her own.

hope you had a great time sa Lowes.
Gorgeous MUM said…
good, you're back! hay naku, may dalaga ka na!

you's are getting away from winter, but it'll be our turn for that soon!
Children nowadays has their own sense of style already. I am glad your little one has good taste. My girl is not that gifted. LOL!!
JonaBQ said…
i'm sure you lil girl's going to look prettier with the pair :D
bluedreamer27 said…
hehhe thats cute
hello juliana just dropping by here
hope to see you in my blog again
have a great day ahead
DebbieDana said…
Buti nga't spring na, that's my favorite season of the year.

Your litle one knows what to get, magiling pumili ha.

Thank you Mommy J for your warm birthday greeting.


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