Yard Talk...


Beautiful day today! It's probably in the low 70s and Mr. Sun is out the whole day. I originally planned in going out in the yard to do some weeding but work came. That of course took precedence over my 'obsession' with weeding. Maybe tomorrow. I really want to see all those weeds out of our yard....not possible though. My husband said that he might hire a professional landscaper to work on our yard. Yippeee! But that's just a plan.

Anyway, our yard is practically bare as far as plants and trees are concerned. We do have plans of planting some plants as soon as it's not too cold anymore. We already have some plants picked out for the front of the house. The little one really wants to see flowers blooming on the flower beds so they are mostly that. At the backyard, we are planning in planting some fruit bearing like citrus trees that the Sunshine state is famous of. Our neighbor has an orange tree and the little one gets all envious that their yard is full of oranges. Aside from the citrus fruits, hubby wants some Apricot trees as well. As for me, I'd probably go with chicos...but I don't think they have them here...so I'd probably settle with what the little one and the husband want.


J said…
very nice thoughts, grabe nakakainggit having fruit bearing trees in ones backyard year round. pwede pa-ampon?

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