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It's a tag, of course! Thanks Clarisse of Coffee Anyone for tagging me. I've done quite a few of "Things About Me" ranging from 6 Things to 7 Things to 8 and now, it's 10 Things About Me! I think I'm running out of things to say about me so pardon me if I'm going to repeat myself. I'm not that 'exciting' as I'm as plain as plain can be. Here it goes...

1) I can't [don't?] dance...at all. I only remember dancing once in my life. I was in 2nd year high school and my patrol team HAD to dance so I danced 'cha cha cha'....and it never happened again... at least none that I can recall.

2) I believe that everything happens for a reason.

3) I don't mind doing household chores...including cleaning the bathroom.

4) I've never been hospitalized because of a sickness/accident. The only time I was admitted to one was during the birth of the little one.

5) I have a vivid memory of the last time I had a hair cut before my father decided to grow it long. I think I was about 5. The next time I had a real hair cut was 4th year college, just before my year book picture was taken. I was 21.

6) I didn't attend my college graduation. I really didn't want to. My classmates & some of my teachers tried to convince me otherwise but there was no changing my mind.

7) I *thought* I wanted to be a nun. I even asked my father's blessing if I could enter the convent right out of high school. It's a good thing he said NO! or I won't be here...hehe.

8) I'm not afraid of ghosts but I don't like scary movies....tee hee...

9) I 'used' to have a very good memory of things...I still do but it's not as good.

10) It took me 10 DAYS to finish this. Nah...but close...


Ciela said…
I agree with you, "Every thing happens for a reason." And I believe too that we somehow can't go against what's bound to happen. Well, it's only my opinion.

It's TGIF again, J! Bilis 'no?

Hello Mommy J!

Kamusta? hehehe... I am here haunting you from my main blog. Tama ka. Wala talaga ako update doon. Super tamad me!

Anyway, I hope you are doing good.


Mommy R

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