Apple Of Our Eyes

Smile! Here she is ready to conquer the world...errr...our backyard. This was just a couple of nights ago. She wanted to go out and go on a star-gazing safari [her words not mine] with Dad. I was taken aback when she came out of her bedroom wearing her 'winter gears'.....ummmm, it's spring....that feels like summer so no idea where that came from. She's cute though, isn't she?

B-O-O!!! Can you see me now?


tx sweetie said…
hhaaha cute naman.. little explorer talaga..
J said…
grabe ang mga ideas niya noh? ang bata nga naman!

she's really growing so fast.
mana nga sa yo noh?! =)
hindi. mana sa pagka kalog at pagka luka2! lol
wow. she looks a lot like you. gonna be a heartbreaker someday. :D
Cecile said…
she is so cute; like mother like daughter talaga kayo :-)
Ciela said…
Oh yeah! She's undeniably cute! Hindi yata obvious young recently pulled tooth nya.
Madz said…
hahahaha, mga kids tlga... I have to be ready dn sa akin when mine will get to this age! heheheheheh

Musta na mommy J?

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