April Fool's Day...

March has come and gone and now it's April already. It's the little one's birth month which makes April a memorable month for me and my husband. But that's not the sole reason why April is memorable to us. We 'met' in April 2001. Technically, we didn't meet since the 'meeting' happened not in person but online. I sent him a message on the evening April 21, 2001 [Taiwan time] which he got on April 22, 2001 here. So yeah, April is a month we treasure so to speak.

Anyway, I wasn't able to blog yesterday. I got busy filing papers and going through boxes in the garage. We need to put some boxes in the attic to free up some space so I have to go through which boxes I want 'gone ' for years...LOL. I'm not finish yet so I'll be busy again today.

Btw, my CT scan last Monday went quick. I had it done in a hospital and everything went as planned. I don't know yet what's wrong with me though. I have 2 more appointments with my doctors...one this Friday with my ophthalmologist who ordered the scan so he will tell me what the results are for that. My other appointment will be next week, with my original doctor who ordered the thyroid ultrasound. They are both convinced I have a thyroid problem and I'm also leaning towards that because I seem to have the symptoms like difficulty sleeping. I just wish I had the other symptom which is 'weight loss'...hehehe. Unfortunately, I don't. Contrary to what my picture 'shows', I have not lost weight. I actually gained a pound or two....ugh!

I'll let you all know what the doctor says on Friday. In the meantime...


Anonymous said…
wow... great site for pinay like us... I added you on my list... Im a beginner here and i hope you can give some tip to improved my site and to have exchange ideas with you.. happy blogging... :)
Elow! Unfortunately I haven't met newly graduated nurses from the Philippines who challenged the exam and then worked as a registered nurse but I think I'm leaning towards just staying and studying here because I was thinking that if dito naman din ako magtatrabaho, then better nah dito na rin ako educated para masmadali akong makakuha nang work.

Anyhow, wish you good health and clean results again. And yeah sana nga may sakit nah weight loss lang ang effect hahaha! I need it.

Happy April Fool's Day! Hope no one pulls a prank on you hahaha!
Ciela said…
Hi J! Good for you that you're done with your needed ct scans. May it be a negative result for whatever illness the doctors have in mind.

Very significant pala ang April sa inyong tatlo! Doesn't it call for a celebration? Let's have a party! (LOL)
J said…
how was your april fool's day?

memorable pala ang April for you and M. bilis ng panahon, before you know it, end of the year na naman.

hope your results come out clear. itulog mo muna haha.
@ huling: if it's hypothyroidism, then you'd be gaining weight nga. if it's hyper you should be losing weight and has perfect complexion. =)

bakit ct-scan pinagawa? kay D1 nun ay nuclear medicine scan and ultrasound and blood test to see the level of T3 and T 4.
Good thing Mommy J that so far there are no bad news to hear. Hehehe...nag gain weight ka pala. Mata ko lang yata siguro nag lose weight.

Anyway, I have a tag for you here at http://www.lourdesmia.com/captured/ Hope you can grab. Muah!
Gorgeous MUM said…
hi mommy j! that's kinda frustrating not knowing what's wrong with you, isn't it? i just hope it will be a good news with good results tomorrow!

wishing you the best!
Lynn said…
hello mommy j.

musta na? hope all is well. take care. :)
J said…
hey, may date ka sa doctor tomorrow. in the meantime, itulog mo muna ng mahimbing. have a great night!

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