Business Trip


Beautiful day here again today. The sun is out and it's probably in the lower 70s right now. The little one and I will probably head out the backyard in a bit so she can play for a while. It will probably be too hot to do that in the afternoon so I'll let her play this morning and we'll do her school work in the afternoon.

The husband is on a business trip today. He left early in the morning to catch a flight and he will be catching a flight back home tonight. It's a round-trip since he's only going to North Carolina. He already called us a few minutes ago to let us know he made it safe and sound. Last time he went there, he also flew back home the same day. That time I packed him some clothes just in case he may need to stay overnight. He didn't want me to do that this time because he has no intentions of staying overnight. He has another trip coming up in a few weeks to San Diego. For that trip, I'm sure he will need to book a San Diego hotel because there's no way he can come back home the same day he leaves. He hates plane rides but he doesn't have a choice because it's part of his job. Hopefully, things will pick up at work they they get jobs where they don't have to go far.

Gotta go now since the little one is itching to run around outside.


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