Catching Up...


That's what I should be doing but I feel so lethargic. Ugh! I’ve been sitting here just surfing the same sites online over and over again. I need to get off here and start doing something productive but I just can’t seem to muster the willpower to do so. Help! The little one is sitting in front of me right now cutting up some papers as usual. She’s asking me when she can do a search on Braille. Yep, Braille. She saw the braille exit signs at her pediatrician’s clinic last time we were there and she got curious about the 'dots' and started quizzing us about them. We told her she can search online as to what Braille is all about since we have limited knowledge about it as well. But Mom is busy searching for something else so she has to wait her turn.

Tomorrow will be another busy day out for us. I have to get some blood work done while the little one will get her shots. Not fun at all but it has to be done now while hubby is not busy at work. Yep, we are taking advantage of this slow time at their shop because as soon as work starts coming in, he’ll be busy as a bee again. We’re not the only one taking advantage of this time anyway. Their landlord is also having some much needed work done at their shop. Someone from the county paid them a visit not too long and told the landlord that emergency lighting is a requirement for work places. Duh! I didn’t even know they had no emergency lighting at the shop. I’ve only been there a couple of times that’s why. Hubby mentioned that the place needs a lot of work but didn’t elaborate. I know their landlord tries to cut corners every chance he gets but now that he got this warning, he has to get several emergency lights because he has more than 10 shops being rented out in that building. Good thing there has been no accidents there or he would be in big trouble.


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