An iPhone for Him...


Last Christmas, the little one's 'big gift' from us is an iPod. She requested for it late in the game so we told her it's from us and not 'Santa'. But I think she knows already that everything is actually from us. Anyway, before we wrapped the iPod, Dad got to play with it. To say he's impressed is probably an understatement. He liked it so much I thought he would get one for himself last Christmas and tell me it's from Santa...LOL. He hasn't gotten one yet because now he wants an iPhone. The iPod does a lot but he couldn't use for calling. He doesn't want to carry a phone and the iPod at the same so the iPhone is what he needs. He travels for business purposes so he wants something handy when the need to search for something arises like booking hotels, or finding his way around an unfamiliar location or simply connecting with us. So what is he waiting for? A sale where he can get this gadget at a much affordable price. During this time of economic uncertainty, every penny saved is a penny earned.


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