Looking for a New Provider


I was without internet for the most part of yesterday. I cannot even put into words how frustrated I was because I had some work to do online. Calling their customer service was useless because all we got was an automated message letting us know that there was an outage in our area and that the service will be restored at 12 midnight! Ugh! The money I lost during the time I didn’t have the connection could easily pay for 3 months of their service. The husband asked them if they’re going to refund us the money I lost because of the outage. Of course they wouldn’t. I’ve had it with them so now I’m checking Hughe Net Deal on their internet service because I am seriously considering dumping our present internet provider after my not so happy experience with it.

Hubby just called and I told him that I am checking the Hughes Net offers and he told me to go ahead and see what they have to offer. He’s the kind that is willing to try something else if what we have is not working...and I can honestly say our present provider is not working for us. This is the second internet provider we’ve had since we moved in here about a year ago. The one we had in the old house does not offer their services here or I would have them in a heartbeat. We had them the entire time I was living in the old house [for almost 7 years] and I can’t remember having a problem with them. I am crossing all my fingers, toes and my eyes that Hughes Net satellite Internet will be the answer to my needs.


J said…
kakainis noh?

since we moved to our new provider, our service has been great. sobrang mahal nga lang. nakaka-tempt tuloy mag switch lalo na with all the sweet deals around.

wednesday clean up ako today. glad it's over.

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