Magic 8...a Tag!


Got this one from Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts. I've been having kind of an allergic reaction to my meds throughout the weekend until now but I'm trying to do things to keep me occupied. It helps divert my attention from scratching...ugh! Anyway, thanks Tetcha for this one....

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1) For the itch to stop!

2) A good night sleep. I stayed awake until around 5 this morning...trying NOT to scrath.

3) Spring wardrobe shopping. The little one needs spring wardrobe as well as sleeping attires. As for me, I am thinking of getting some new clothes as well. I may even check the sexy lingerie section of the store to see if there's anything that will catch my fancy. Hubby will like that, eh?

4) For the spring season to make an appearance here in the sunshine state. It seems it's winter then summer. C'mon SPRING...

5) Driving. Yeah, really. LOL..

6) A vacation...or even just a short the Phils. maybe?

7) Little one's laughter, hugs & kisses.

8) The husband's silliness.

8 Things I Did Yesterday.

1) Scratched, scratched, & scratched some more. Did I say scratched?

2) Stayed in bed and watched TV while hubby labored in the backyard mowing the grass then putting fertilizer & weed killer after.

3) Blogged a little bit...

4) Tried to be busy to divert attention from too much scratching.

5) Checked Friendster & Facebook.

** Can't think of anything else I did yesterday**

8 Things I Wish I Could Do.

1) Drive.

2) Swim.

3) Cook well.

4) Garden. [I can probably do this IF I have a garden, eh?].

5) Eat everything I want without worrying about it.

6) Quilt, sew, crochet, cross-stitch. knit....

7) Draw.

8) Visit people we love anytime we want.

8 Shows I Watch

1) NCIS...over and over again!

2) Snapped [for those not familiar with the show, it's about women who snapped and ended committing crimes...usually murder...not that I want to follow their lead...LOL]

3) CSI NY, CSI Miami and CSI itself.

4)'s the last season this June so I'm a bit sad about it.

5) Burn Notice

6) Food Channel shows

7) CMT Music videos

8) 20/20 in the WE Channel


honey said…
Hi te,... this one is cute.. specially the scratch.. scratched part.. tehee!

Looking forward to no more scratch te.. cheers!

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