That's how I feel about me being sick. I need to go in one of those cruise holidays ! Seriously, I really do. I think this is the first time ever in my life that I have been stricken by one health issue after another. I am tired of going to the doctors every other week. I don’t think I have ever seen as many doctors in as little time. I wonder if this is one sign of aging. I guess it is or maybe my body is just telling me to slow down and take it easy. That’s why I should go on a get-away as soon as possible to somehow recharge my ‘batteries’. Maybe one of the river cruises will do the trick for me. I wish!

Anyway, I was again a wee bit under the weather yesterday. This time it didn’t concern my thyroid. I thought it did but I realized early this morning it’s not related to my thyroid problem at all. It’s a bad case of heartburn. I went to bed hoping it will help but I kept waking up because I was having a hard time breathing. I wish I knew it was heartburn so I could have taken some medication for it but I didn’t so I had to suffer through it the whole night. Ugh! I am feeling better now but I’m still feeling the 'burn' in my throat everytime I breathe. Hopefully, it will all be gone by tomorrow. Then maybe, just maybe, I can start checking out different cruises, like a nile cruise, the family can take when we get the chance.


Nova said…
this is one great idea...
Rowena said…
Nice site. Please add me too if u get a chance i just added u on mine. thanks and God bless you

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