This is how I feel right now...Winnie the Pooh-ey! I'm pretty sure though that as soon as I hit the hay, I'd lay awake for an hour or so before I finally doze off. It's one of the 'symptoms' of the thyroid saga that I've been going through. I of course didn't know that it's a symptom of something more serious until after the verdict came in. I thought it may be stress related or that I didn't get enough exercise to be tired enough to fall asleep right away.

Anyway, I have a long weekend ahead. Work is here so I need to bust my bee-hind to make some moolah....night y'all!


Ciela said…
Hi J! Ganyan din nararaman ko before. Kaya ang suspicion ng doctor sa thyroid gland. Good thing, hindi naman pala.

Buti ka pa madali mkatulog. Ako naman insomniac.

See yah again! Ingatz!
J said…
here late, as we were home late too. have a great Sunday!

busy sa online work ba?
Marites said…
I'm an insomniac too but now that you've mentioned about the thyroid gland, I wonder if i should have mine checked.

Anyway, hope you'll have a good weekend. I got a tag for you here
bluedreamer27 said…
im an insomiac too juliana hehe
have a great day and happy blogging

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