Not a Fun Weekend!


Not at all. I stayed in bed the whole weekend. I wasn't up to cooking dinner so hubby ran out to get us dinner...for 2 days. I am still not up to my elements and it may take 5 days or more before I'd probably start to feel better.

That's my weekend in nutshell. Hope you had a better weekend than mine. Here wishing you all to ....


Gorgeous MUM said…
I guess times like that comes every now and then. I feel like that all the time! LOL! We would sometimes go a whole week of eating out because i never bothered to cook anything! My bad!

Anyways, hope you'll feel good anytime soon! For sure yourlittle princess miss your yummy home cooked meal!

Btw, I've got something for you HERE!
Ciela said…
Hayy.. I wasn't feeling well too since last Friday, J!
Actually, our meals were produced by hubby. He ordered from a nearby resto. The others were cooked alternately by son and daughter. Ang hirap pag hindi ako makagawa e!Am doin' well now. 'Hope you are too!
deejay said…
blessed for another weekend activities in your life...
J said…
hope the itchy bumps are gone. hives ba? if it is, I know how that feels. sa akin, zyrtec ang katapat. huwag lang magkamot masyado, ikaw din, you'll end up ripping your skin.

I had a lousy Monday, cause I didn't have a decent sleep last night. hoping that it will be better tonight.

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