Rainy Day...


...and I have a doctor's appointment in an hour. Rain is very much needed here but why oh why doest it have to happen today when I have to head out???

Anyhooo....I'm so tired right now. Our appointment is not until 10 but I got up at around 7:30. I woke up when the husband left for work then back to bed as usual. I asked him to give me a 'wake-up' call to make sure we can get ready for the doctor with ample time. The little one woke up when Dad called so now we're ready to go.

I am anxious to know what the doctor has to say. Both doctors [family doctor and ophthalmologist] *think* it has something to do with my thyroid. The first thing the ophthalmologist asked me last time was if I gained or lost weight recently. Well, I probably gained a pound or two but not enough to need a diet pill to get rid of. The only *symptom* that I MAY be having some thyroid problem is my inability to go to sleep as easily as I used to. I'm lucky I stay home so I can sleep in even on weekdays if I don't get enough sleep at night.

Oh well. I better get off here. My husband called and let us know he's on his way home to pick us up. I'll let you know what I hear from the doctor.



Ciela said…
I think you can have the time to head for the beach if Erica's Dad would set aside some of his precious time for the three of you. Sayang, I've heard nariyan sa Florida ang mga pinakamagandang beach sa daigdig! Pwede ba sumama sa inyo pag nag-outing na kayo? He he..

Think positive, J! Everything's all right with you. God bless!
Tipsy Tricks said…
ohhh i love florida jul..... if only i will not go home huhhuhuhu.You can feel the summer naba dyan jul? kasi dito sa tennessee always rainy din dito pro ang lamig parin ugh.I don't like rain i don't know why,specially when go outside and have fun.I have a problem sleeping too.But then it go back to normal when i started sleeping in schedule.Will I got in the show The Doctors and it works.Hope it will to you too.
cpsanti said…
hahaha! i know what you mean, when its raining i don't feel like going out either ;-)

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