Thyroid Problem It is...


We got back from the doctor's office about an hour ago. We went to an ophthalmologist today who was referred to us by a family doctor because my main reason for going to the doctor was my eye...the left one in particular. This is the doctor that ordered the CT Scan for my eye. So that's the main reason for my visit today.

The CT Scan didn't show any problem with my eye. That means no growth or anything that may cause my eye to pop out. Thank goodness. But guess what it showed? I have sinusitis...duh! I know I have it although I'm not taking anything for it..only for my allergy. The doctor called it an 'incidental' result since he's not really looking for that. Anyway, the ophthalmologist did his thing...checked my eye, measured them to see if the left is protruding [it's not]. They took a picture of my optic nerve and told me to come back in 2 months just to see if something's changed.

He basically told me he's certain now that I have a thyroid problem [THS test] BUT NOT the kind of thyroid problem. He wants my original doctor to be the one to explain everything to me since he was the one that ordered the blood tests & thyroid ultra sound. The blood test showed my thyroid stats are out of whack. I honestly don't remember what the numbers are because he just mentioned them in passing.

At least now I know where the problem is. I will know WHAT exactly next Tuesday. Ugh. Don't you just love doctors???


Just paying a visit here. Goodluck for your next Doctor's appointment. Have a nice weekend to the whole family!
at least alam mo na kung ano ang problem. hypo or hyper?
J said…
you must be relieved, at least they have a working diagnosis.

yeah, it's not that easy dealing with doctors.but, we gotta have to deal with them. you just have to hope they always know what they are talking about, kasi ang daming cases ng palpak na doctor dito.

hanggang sa susunod na bisita.

enjoy your weekend.
me said…
Did they say it was goiter Mommy J??Most of the people I know who has thyroid problems somehow develops that bulging eye effect..and if not given attention right away the bulging will stay and even gets worst..good thing you found out as early as now..

Hope everything goes well in your next visit..
bluedreamer27 said…
i hope youll get fine so soon
have a great day my friend and God bless
i hope everything turns out alright mommy juliana :)
Lynn said…
hello mommy J.

nice to hear from u again. and sad to hear about this. get well soon. happy sunday!
Its good to hear that your CT Scans are clear. I just hope that your thyroid problem is not that bad.

Keep us posted!
Ciela said…
I guess there's nothing for you to worry. But better na rin ang sigurado! Just lift everything up to "HIM"!

Alam mo, swertihan lang sa mga doctors eh. Marami na ako na-encounter na palpak. Pero blessing-in-disguise na-meet ko yung mahusay na doctor/oncologist ko. I believe, it's by His blessings na rin.

See yah again, J!
At least now you know! Anything in particular na food na dapat iwasan? Did the doctor gave a list already?

How are you feeling now? I hope you are OK. At least your gaining weight!

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