You've probably seen this video already. It's now all over the net as well on TV. The Today show just had a segment about it this morning. The You Tube clip already hit the 5 million mark as of today so yeah, it may be something worth watching.


Ciela said…
Amazed talaga ako sa kanya the first time I saw the video on your other blog. Parang wala lang sya until she starts to sing! My jaw dropped in awe!Galing!!

Bilis talaga ng araw 'no? For all you know, pag gising mo isang umaga nag-papaalam na si Erica to be independent. Yay!
Sweetiepie said…
Yeah, I`ve seen it in the front page of my att browser. I was amazed after i`ve watched the video. she have an extraordinary voice and she have doubt about it!
JonaBQ said…
can't judge the book by its cover :D great talent!
how are you juliana? got a tag for you
Unknown said…
Did you see Simon's face? He was amazed! She sounded really good.

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