Which Way?


So why am I “afraid” to drive? That’s basically the 6-million dollar question I get everytime I tell people I don’t drive…yet…after almost 8 years of being here in the US. My answer is I’m not afraid of the driving itself. Well, maybe just a little. What's my bigger fear then? Getting L-O-S-T!!! I think only my husband and those people I’ve been in a car with know that my sense of direction is not the best. How bad? I remember riding with the directress of a school I used to work for. The two of us were going to visit another school. She was driving and I was on the passenger’s seat of course. She asked me to remember the directions and take notes of the signs [yep, like that exit sign on the freeway]. Guess what? I wasn’t able to do that. I thought she was going to fire me after that trip...LOL. Fortunately, my teaching is much better than my sense of direction so I managed to keep my job.

So how bad is my sense of direction when I'm not on a car though? Let me tell you a story. When one of the malls in the Philippines was still newly opened, I went to visit it with an ex-boyfriend. In the course of our trip to the mall, we decided to go explore the mall separately. We set-up our meeting place and time in the mall then went off our merry ways. I guess I got engrossed in checking out the different stores that I didn’t realize I was already on the other side of the mall. When the time came for me to meet him, I could no longer find my way. All I could follow were the different exit signs all over the place. Seriously, I panicked for a bit. Cell phones were too expensive to own that time so we didn’t have them. So what did I do? I took the easy way out and went out the store via one of the many, you got it: EXIT SIGNS. From the outside of the mall, I went around and got in through the front of the mall where we originally entered. Clever, eh? LOL! My former boyfriend already had this look....


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