Excuse me!! I think the little one passed her sniffles to me. I woke up with a sore throat and a painful sinus. I thought it's my allergy so I took my allergy pills as usual. A few hours and a few pills later, I started to feel yuck-yuck. Here I am trying to post as much as I can even if I'm feeling a wee bit sick.

The little one is all better now. Not totally yet since she's still nasal when she talks but her sniffling is all gone now. All she has left is her very dry little nose. I'm just glad she was able to beat the cold in couple of days. She's a tough little cookie. She's very rarely sick. I think this was just the second time she got the cold. For this one, we even have the vaccines to blame actually. Her pedia suggested we give her tylenol after her shots but we forgot about it. Until 2 days after when she started having some sore throat. Again, live and learn. When she goes in for her very last vaccine next month, I'll definitely give her Tylenol right after.


hi huling! happy mother's day. i know that you'll have a fulfilling day as your little girl sure knows how to appreciate her mom (ka-kuntsaba si dad opkors) =)

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