American Idol Finale

I thought I'd take a break from blogging about the non-stop rain here [and yes, it's still raining!], and post about this season finale of American Idol. As you probably know already, it's those 2 up top who are probably on the edge of their seats now waiting for the final verdict. So who do you think will be crowned American Idol this year? Adam Lambert or Kris Allen? We'll see tonight!

Truth be told, I never really sat down to watch the show in its entirety. It's airing at the same time my favorite show is airing so I have to choose. What show? NCIS of course. The hubby though only missed an episode because I forgot to remind him....tee I'm still on the loop. I know he's rooting for one of them but he likes both. Me? I don't have a pick actually but if I have to choose, I'd probably go with Kris Allen. His music is more like my kind of music. There!

Picture from the American Idol official website


Norm said…
hello jul! thanks for the visit, oo nagyari din sa akin yon last month doon sa isa kong site. Pero naawa din ako sa kanya kasi parang natanggal siya kasi nawala yong blog niya ngayon kawawa naman,hehe.
Ciela said…
Hi J! Me too, I like Kris better than Adam. They're both talented pero di ko kasi type ang appearance ni Adam. Yun lang! he he..

Oi, Tgif na naman..ha.ha ha.. 'kaloka!
Pat R said…
it was nice to *see* Megan Joy again, wasn't so nice to hear her again... reminded me of how glad i was to see some of those "top 13" get voted off

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