Big Day...


We have a big day today...and not in an exciting way. Unfortunately. I have to get some blood work done as a result of my allergic reaction to my medicine. Right after it, we have to go to the little one's pediatrician for some shots. So now you know why I'm not looking forward to it. The little one seems 'cool' about her shots...I'm not. Everytime she got one in the past, I would excuse myself and go to the restroom. For real. My poor husband is usually left with her in the room. I just can't do it. I think I lost more sleep over her shots than my own shots. Ha!

Anyway, I am thinking that after this not so fun event, we can go eat out or just stroll around. We can probably go somewhere to let the little one play or visit a store and let her choose something she likes. In other words, get her a bribe after her ordeal. While at the store, maybe we can get the light bulbs we need. Then proceed and do our weekly grocery shopping as well. I am just hoping the little one will be up to any of it after our trip to the pedia.


Elow Ate J! Thanks for the greeting for my mom.

Hahaha! Bakit ka natatakot sa shots nang little one mo? Maybe your a little too protective, which is a good thing. Because when it comes to your kids we have to give them everything.

Parang kung magsalita ako may anak na ako hehehe.
J said…
how did it go? si E ba umiiyak pa rin sa turok?

enjoy the weekend!
Unknown said…
I don't always look forward to any doctor's appointment. Aside from the long wait in the lobby, the whole check up isn't my favorite either. And shots? That's why I was never interested or never got any job in the medical field.

How's your weekend so far? Humid here, warm and cloudy.

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