Cutting Corners


It’s the Memorial Day weekend which means it’s a 3-day break for most people. I said most people because the husband will be working on Memorial Day. Yep, that’s one of the downside of working for himself. They are behind on paperwork because of the job they tried to finish last Friday. So while everybody’s home resting and having a break from work, he would be pushing pencils for a day. There are no barbecues planned this weekend around here because of the rain. But it’s ok because hubby needs his rest because he’s been working long hours for the past few weeks. He doesn’t say it but I know he’s beat so in a way the rain is some kind of a blessing.

Since I knew we won’t be heading out this long weekend, I am planning on calling my friends who live out of state. I haven’t spoken to any of them in months. We don’t have unlimited long distance on our land line so I have to use hubby’s cell phone to make the calls because it’s free at night and on the weekends. But that may change. I’ve been checking different companies that offer phone services like Qwest. I didn’t know much about their services at first but after comparing different phone companies that offer unlimited long distance, it’s looking more and more like I will go with Qwest phone service because they are the cheapest so far at $23.10 a month. There’s even a chance that it can get lower than that according to their website. And guess what? Even with $23.10, the fee is even lower than our monthly phone bill right now…without the unlimited long distance.

With the way the economy is going right now, every penny we can save goes a long way. I’ve been trying to find ways to cut corners without sacrificing anything. I may even try the Qwest high speed internet because their monthly fee is also lower than what I’m paying right now. Hopefully, I will be able to call them as soon as possible so our savings can start as well. We need all the savings we can get our hands on. Don't you?


Nako mommy....long story ang life ko now. Medyo same family issues pa rin that I am tired of writing about it. Feeling ko the same post over and over again. Sad and lonely always.

Wanted to write sana something new and alive kaso depressing lang kaya silent ako for the past few weeks.

Pero I am still here...wala lang gana sa life. :(

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