Event Planning

Sunday went by fast today. I didn’t do much chore except for a batch of laundry. The little one and Dad played outside while I blogged for a bit. Before I know it, it’s almost dinner time already. I guess it went by fast because I was on the phone for a few hours with a friend. We used to work in the same school. We actually started out in that school at exactly the same day so we bonded. She now works at a school in Los Angeles. She’s been in that school for years that the owner “unofficially” assigned her as the Activities Coordinator for the whole school. It’s not a very big school but she sometimes feels overwhelmed. And whenever she feels that way, she usually gives me a call. One for support, and to help her find what she needs like a Los Angeles Event Planning company she can check out.

Right now, she needs all the help she can get in planning for their Los Angeles Company Picnic which is scheduled before the school year ends…in a couple of months I think. Last year, they had a big event in school like a dance or something where she had to take care of everything. She didn’t think about hiring someone to help her. But this year, with her boss’ approval, she wants to hire an event planner to help her out. But who? How about a company [owned by a woman] called Event Solutions that has been successfully making events from weddings to sweet sixteen parties as memorable as possible? I visited the company website and it looks promising. It seems that the company can pull off anything from backyard barbecue style parties [maybe perfect for an Orange County Company Picnic] to 12-course meal events perfect for those formal occasions. I have yet to tell my friend about Event Solutions but I’m sure she’ll like what she’ll see. Hey, it’s owned by a woman so it must be great, eh?


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