Finding My Way...


How is [was] your Mother’s Day Mommies? Mine is going great because went out for a few hours to do some shopping. Ha! Before we went out though, I called my sister in law. Since I no longer have my Mom around, I‘ve been calling my sister in law instead. Anyway, they were on their way out of the mall when I got a hold of her. She said they followed the wrong exit signs and they ended up on the wrong side of the mall. Her Mother’s day went great even if my brother was not with them because he had to work. They spent most of the day at the mall that they forgot which gate [or was it door?] they came in. That’s not a surprise to me because the malls there are now huge so they have a lot of exits and entrances. Needless to say, the malls in the Philippines today are very different from the malls [shopping center] I went to when I was growing up.

How different? First, I don’t even think we had malls back then. We had department stores which were mainly for shopping. They were not very big so they only had the front door for entrance and exit. Which meant that when I see an Exit Sign, it would take me to the door where I entered which for me is convenient because I easily get lost. I remember getting lost at Landmark [a department store in Manila] simply because there were 2 different exits and entrances located in front and at the back of the store. My friends and I separated while shopping because we wanted different things. We agreed to meet in front of the store which was our entry point. I thought I’d be able to find it since there were several EXIT SIGNS around the store so I went my merry way. How hard can that be, right? When the time came for me to meet my friends, I just followed the signs I saw and voila, I was on the wrong end of the store. Yes, I am that bad when it comes to directions. Cell phones were not in existence yet at that time, so all my friends could do was to wait patiently for me.


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