Gloomy but Not Rainy...


So who needs diet pills? Not me I guess. Well, it doesn't seem so anyway. It seems that everytime I visit my doctor, I lose a pound. Seriously. I definitely don't feel any lighter so I'm not sure why that is. Can it be the money we have to shell out everytime we visit his clinic? LOL...I guess so, eh? Anyway, I am not taking the weight loss seriously because it just doesn't show.

Anyway, the rain has stopped here for now. I'm not sure for how long but it hasn't rained since we woke up. Hopefully, it will be dry enough for us to go out in the backyard to let the little one loose for a bit. She badly needs to run around to get rid of all that energy that's trapped inside her. As for me, I also need the sun. We've been holed up in the house for the last 7 days or so. I'm sure though that when summer hits, I'd be begging mother nature to throw us some rain. I wonder if she will listen to me after all the whining I did about the showers we've been getting. Ha!


J said…
that's good, at least huminto na ang ulan. it's nice hear today. hopefully it stays this way over the long weekend.

I'm dead beat, kakatapos lang ang labada.

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