Holed Up...


...in our house. That's us pretty much all week. I thought we would finally have a break from the non-stop rain today. Wrong! We just had a torrential downpour in the last hour, with lightning and thunder to boot. The power was on and off before that so I turned my computer off. Ugh! Right now there seems to be no light at the end of the rain tunnel because the weekend's forecast is pretty much the same.

Since we couldn't go out [at all] throughout the week, the little one and I have been trying to amuse ourselves with whatever catches our fancy. The TV is on pretty much all day. My computer is of course on as well pretty much all the time. We've been messing around with the webcam I have on my laptop taking pictures our pictures. Yep, kids' play. After our first 'photo session', I was surprised to see what I saw in our pics. Me! I mean my face. I guess the lighting from outside somehow highlighted every nooks and cranny of my face that it seems I'm not using any kind of skin care at all. I try to take care of my skin but I only do the minimum so to speak. Well, after seeing what I saw I may have to start thinking about kicking up my skin care regimen a couple of notches up. Sigh! Age is starting to show and I am not liking what I'm seeing.


is st.petersburg anywhere near you? d#2 might go there in december for a week of training.
Shimumsy said…
yeah i heard about the non stop rain. i have a friend vacationing there since last saturday. i don't think they are enjoying rhe rain at all. dito naman sa jersey ang mainit.

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