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Living in a house with a GE Home security system is far cry from the house I grew up in. I remember growing up in a place where people rarely locked their doors much less having a security system installed. Our other house that we stayed in for 7 years didn’t have a security system. An experience I had in that house was actually the reason why we chose to have a security system installed here in the new house. I blogged about it here when it happened but let me tell you again that one night that c0nvince me that some kind of a security system at home is a good idea.

It happened a few weeks before we moved in this house. I was getting ready to go bed when everything happened. I was unplugging my computer when I saw 2 teenagers heading our way. I didn’t take my eyes off them because it looked like they were going up our driveway by the kitchen...and I was right. One was the lookout while the other one tried to pry open our car. I honestly didn’t know what to do I did what I thought of first…turn the light on by the driveway. It sent them running away. But then I did something not so smart after that. I opened the door and looked at them while they were running. I was pretty sure they looked back. I was convinced they would come back one night and would try to break in our house instead to get back at me. That was when I wished we had a GE Alarm in that house.

Anyway, that was months ago. Obviously, it’s still all fresh in my mind. That house is in the market now and we’re all settled in the new house. But an experience like that would definitely leave one paranoid but having our GE security system definitely helps in putting my mind at ease. If we didn't have one, I'd probably be having hard time going to sleep even if we're in a different neighborhood. Who wouldn't after what I went through?


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