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It was 2004 when my husband and I decided to start looking at different banks that provide home loans. We thought it was the perfect time to start our dream of having a house built. My husband did a lot of research on different mortgage companies even before we came up with the decision. We wanted a reputable company of course. We also started looking at different model houses around here and looked for the ones that were within our budget but good enough for a young family like ours. After numerous visits to different model houses, we took our pick. The builder we chose seemed to all that we’re looking for and the owner of the company was very accommodating. I guess we trusted them so much that when they recommended a mortgage company to us, we readily went with it. That was one of our biggest mistakes in life, unfortunately.

It didn’t take long before we got approved for a home loan from the mortgage company the builder referred to us. We have a good credit standing, especially the husband so we expected that. What we didn’t expect were the turns of events after we signed the papers. To make the story short, the builder duped us. He withdrew money from the lender and never did anything but clear the site where our house will be built. For almost 2 years, that’s what they were doing…clearing the site. As soon as we realized what’s happening, we decided to hire a lawyer. Thousands of dollars was already gone when we did that, but we’re still the lucky ones because a lot of their customers lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The good news is, the builder is now in jail for Grand Theft. We may never get our money back but knowing he's sitting in jail makes us think that somehow, he got what he deserve.


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