How Crazy...


.... is the weather here in the sunshiny-rainy state?

One minute it's:

The next minute it's:

We just got back in. The sun was out and it didn't look too hot so I decided to do some much needed weeding on the flower beds. After a few minutes, the sun got too hot so we went back in. It's now very cloudy and on the verge of raining. If this is not crazy weather, I don't know what is....


J said…
ay ano ba yan? i de-throne na nga yung title na sunshine state haha.

hope your thursday went well depsite the rain. kakatapos lang ang labada.
Gorgeous MUM said…
weird, weird weather! it seemed to be playing up everywhere!
HONEY said…
here sa pinas te. Super crazy hotness ang weather. grabehhhh!!!! hinniiit poh sobra.

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