Last weekend, we visited our old house that has been in the market for over a year now. Yep, it’s been year and it’s still on the market. We almost had a buyer a few months after we put it on the market. It fell through though after a few weeks of negotiations. The buyer had a problem getting a bank to finance his mortgage so we had no choice but to let that one go. Unfortunately, that’s the last solid offer we got. The realtor said that she had people come visit the house but I guess we may have to wait until the economy gets better, a lot better before someone buys it. In the meantime, we try to visit it every chance we get to check it. The husband is worried that someone might try to break in the house so he’s looking into putting an Alarm System there now. We are about 30 miles from it so if and when a break-in or an accident happens, it will be hard for us to get there in time.

The neighbor has been kind enough to look after it when he gets the chance. He even cut the grass the last time we were there so we’re very grateful to him. But he’s not always around. He goes to Puerto Rico quarterly and he also works. A Home Security system is our best chance right now that’s why the husband is considering it. It’s kind of ironic actually. We didn’t have any home alarm system when we were living in that house and now that it’s vacant, we are planning of putting an ADT alarm system there. We want to make sure that the house will not be trashed while it’s still on the market. Ha! But right now, having a security alarm installed is our best bet that nothing like that will happen. I’m just crossing my fingers that someone in the near future will take interest and buy the house.


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