It Never Ends....


I blogged a lot about our weed dilemma in our yard. Well, good news it has been solved, well partly at least, as of a few weeks ago. The weeds that took over our yard are mainly dollar weeds. The husband has been trying different weed killers a lot so much so that he "unintentionally" killed the grass at one point. A couple of weeks ago the guy at the store recommended something for the dollar weeds. What do you know, it worked. Now our yard is almost free of these:

You'd think we will be having some nice green lawn now that the weeds are almost gone. Nope! As soon as it got a bit warmer, these guys showed up...

Yep, squirrels decided to come out and create havoc in our yard. They dig up so many holes on the ground to either bury the nuts they find or look for the nuts they buried. I thought it's only the squirrels digging holes. Then last week, I found a big hole on our yard. It's about 10 inches in diameter and about a foot deep. It's much bigger than the ones I've been seeing but I still thought it's the squirrels doing. It turned out, it wasn't.

It's done by this:

An armadillo. Lovely! Not! We haven't seen one in our yard so they dig at night I guess. As soon as we saw that big hole, the little one and I tried to cover it back with the soil around it. Well, that proved to be a futile effort because the very next day, it was dug up again. Ugh!

Anyway, we can't 'kill' the squirrels as they are protected. Hubby said we can trap them but there's a lot of them so we're not really doing anything right now but patching up the holes they make on the ground. As for the armadillo, hubby got a trap. It's still sitting outside empty because the armadillo hasn't shown up since we put it out. Hmmm...I wonder if it knows there's a trap waiting for it?


bluedreamer27 said…
armadilllo looks weird for me hehe
J said…
hola momsy! hope your Friday went really good, and that what you're waiting for happened today,whatever that is.

eto yung link:

eto mas grabe siya kasi nilantad niya yung nangopya,for everyone to see. ang mali lang, he confronted her kaya binago ang content. good thing may screen shot.

banned na daw siya, according sa thread na sinusundan ko.
Gorgeous MUM said…
hay, so after the nasty weed, there comes 2 new nuisance! good luck waiting! hope you can trap them all!

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