Long Week


It's really a long week. Well, make that long 2 weeks rolled up into 1. Truth be told, it seems we didn't have a weekend. Yes, the little one and I were home but Dad had to work through the weekend again. When I say he had to work on a weekend, he would leave his normal time of 5 AM and would come home around 6, sometimes even later. I am hoping he doesn't have to do that this coming weekend but who knows. They have been trying to finish this job from a customer who keeps changing on them. The husband is sometimes at his wits end but he tries to hold it together since 'customer is always right'. Sigh...

Aside from this job they're working on, hubby said that they have a few more in the works so it's probably gonna get even busier in the coming weeks. If they get everything they're quoting right now, he said that they'd probably need a bigger place to work. They have been dreaming of buying their own place actually so they already looked at some steel buildings in case their plan works out. They've been in the same place since the start of their business and I think it's time for them to really start being serious in having their own building. Fingers crossed, of course.


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