Mother's Day


We went grocery shopping with Dad this week. Not a good idea! Why? Because we normally go overboard when we do that. We almost double the weekly budget if the three of us do the grocery shopping together. Anyway, while we were roaming around the store the little one noticed the numerous Mother's Day gift ideas. She started pointing stuff she thinks I want for that day...from the jewelry to the personalized tote bag to the chocolates. I actually told the husband earlier this week that when he takes the little one shopping for a Mother's Day present, make sure not to get me anymore jewelry even if the little one insists on it. For the last couple of occasions, she was able to con Dad in getting me jewelry. I like what she got me but I have enough jewelry already. I told the husband to steer her clear of the jewelry and take her somewhere where they can get me a pair of shorts and/or a shirt to go with it. Or maybe they can just hand me the cash? What do you think? Bright idea, eh?


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