Nice Weekend Weather!


Surprisingly I might add. I was expecting to wake up with the rain pouring down like the previous days but I was surprised that it was rather bright and sunny outside. Instead of lingering in bed like the past few days, I got up at around 8:00. The little one woke up early as usual. She tends to do that when she knows Dad will be around during the weekend. She wants to start her day as early as possible. But since Dad had long days the past 2 weeks, I asked her to wait for him to wake up instead of waking him up. So she had breakfast and did her usual stuff while waiting for Dad.

We just finished having 'brunch'. I made some french toasts, omelet with potatoes & cheese & some watermelon. As usual, I was munching the food I'm cooking during the process. That means I probably ate the most here...and I'm still hungry. I've been having some problems with my tummy the past few days so I've been eating more than usual. That's the only way that works to get rid of it so I probably should start looking at the best weight loss pills out there. I'm sure I'm going to gain some unwanted pounds before the month is over. Hopefully, my tummy troubles will start to wane soon so I can stop eating 10 times a day. Ugh!


honey said…
te J, share your diet pills with me.. hu hu hu! I have the same problem too..
but then to much worry about how to do proper diet I got sick! urgh!. last night I throw up and my tummy was hurting... grrrrrrr!!!! kainis nga eh. but I'm too big now...
I don't know what to do..

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