A Proud Aunt


That's what I am right now. A nephew just graduated from medical school a few weeks ago. Obviously, I couldn't attend but I made sure to call him to say congratulations. My brother is very proud of his son, of course. He told me he was surprised when the graduates were called 'doctors' during the graduation rites. He didn't know they are called doctors already even if they haven't passed the board exam yet. My nephew sounded so relieved to finally graduate. He had a few trials while in med school so graduating is a big achievement for him. I only spoke with him for a few minutes but he asked me a favor. He wants me to look for a tuxedo for him. He said he has to attend a certain formal function so he needs one. I asked why he just won't rent one. He said he may need a tuxedo more often now that he's almost a doctor. Well, what can a proud aunt do, right? I have started to look for one. It's the least I can do for my beloved nephew.


J said…
ikaw ba youngest sa family tuks? kasi your nephew Dr. na. eh si E 7 lang siya. o late ka lang bang nag say ng "I do"?

dami kung tanong hehe. anyway, our Sunday is ok kahit yung wisdom tooth ko, talagang painful and swelling siya. my dentist appointment is not till thursday pa but am now taking ibupropfen and my dr. called-in an antibiotic prescription sa pharmacy.

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