Shoes Here, There & Everywhere


When we went out last weekend to run some errands, we swung by a shoe store to get the husband a new pair of shoes that he badly needed. He only has a pair of daily shoes at a time. Seriously! He has dress shoes & running shoes and he has a pair that he uses when we go out on a weekend. Anyway, I have only a few pairs myself and I don’t really need to add more pairs BUT everytime we go to the shoe store, I tend to try on a few pairs that catch my fancy. I’m a woman after all, right? Ha! And no, I didn’t get me one of the Rocket Dog shoes I tried on because it was not part of the plan. I was so close in getting the pair though because I really like them. Maybe next time…

The husband was not the only one though that came home with a new pair of shoes. While I was checking out the cute rocket dog shoes in the ladies department, I thought of checking out if they have some cute pairs as well in the girls department. What do you know, they do! Now that the little one has her own sense of fashion, it’s a little bit challenging to buy her shoes. For one, she keeps changing her mind on the color she wants…and that’s only one of the things that take her forever to decide on. Her size is also on that awkward stage where one size is a bit small for her while the next one is too big. Regardless of the ‘challenges’ we had to go through, we went home with a pair of really nice and affordable Rocket Dog pair. I made a mental note of the style I liked though because I’d try and look it up online and see if I can get them ‘secretly’…LOL! Sneaky little me, eh?


Nance said…
Hello there!
i don't know what it is about shoes, but me and my daughter kept accumulating them! talo pa yata si Imelda Marcos! lol

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