Speaking from Experience


The weather around here has been pretty crazy the past few weeks. It’s been raining almost non-stop so our time outside has been very limited. My favorite past time which is weeding has been put on hold indefinitely. My in-laws who we visited last Sunday have been having problems with their TV. It seems the reception has been really really bad because of the weird weather. My husband suggested that they switch to Direct TV because during the time we had them, we never had any problem with them during bad weathers. As a matter of fact, we only called for their tech’s visit once or twice…and we had them for about 5 years. There are a lot of Direct TV Deals they can avail of which I’m sure are cheaper than what they have. The in-laws said that they were expecting a tech to visit them the following day but they will probably switch if the problem with their present provider is not resolved.

Well, my husband got a call from his brother early this week. He said they’re looking into the Direct TV Offers that came in the mail and they are switching as soon as possible. Ha! My in-laws are what you can call TV fanatic. I don’t think they ever turn their TV off so a day without it is really hard for them. I’m sure they’ll be happy with Direct TV. And that’s speaking from experience…


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