Switching Course...


When I first came over here, one of my sisters in law had a thriving career. She was in demand everywhere that she could quit her job one day and be hired by another the next day. Her husband was also in demand then in his field. He had his own construction company and he had more work than he could ever imagine. But that was about 7 years ago. Today, both of them are out of work. The husband still gets little jobs every now and then but it’s not enough to keep them afloat. So they are both thinking about going back to school as soon as possible. The wife just finished taking an entrance exam for a nursing course. She’s still deciding whether she wants to become an RN or go the shorter route of being an LPN. I’m guessing she will go with the latter because she can start working after a year or so. Her husband is looking into getting an electrician certification. He said it’s still somehow related with construction and when the construction industry gets back up his new certification will not go to waste.

Come to think of it electrician careers are some of the few careers that have the staying power during this economic turmoil. People will always have a need for electricians because electricity is a basic necessity for most. It also doesn’t take 4 years to get a certification for it so that’s good. My brother in law said, the faster it is to get the certification, the better. I can only agree. He hasn’t chosen the school he wants to get the certification from so I made a quick search on google and typed: electrician school Pittsburgh and the first school that came up is Rosedale Technical Institute. According to the school’s website, it only takes about 16 months to get the certification that my brother in law wants. I think that’s a great thing. If he starts the course soon, he can have the needed knowledge and certification by next year. I probably should let him know about it so he can get crackin’….


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