Time for a Change...


I’ve been feeling lazy the past few days. I’m sure my crazy sleeping schedule because of my RLS has something to do with how I’m feeling. I just don’t have the energy to do much if I only get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. I do the things that need done around the house and that’s it. The rest of the day, I’m either surfing online or watching TV or teaching the little one. I have a few things I need done but can be done later but it would have been nice if I can do them sooner than later, huh? Instead of checking if Time Warner Digital Phone service is offered around here, I keep going to some social networking websites to see if a friend uploaded some new pictures. I’m pathetic isn’t it? LOL…

Anyway, when a friend called me on Memorial Day, I happened to mention to her that I am thinking of switching to another phone service company that offers unlimited long distance that does not charge outrageously. I tend to wait for her and my other friends who have cell phones or unlimited long distance to call me and I want to be able to call them without thinking of breaking the bank. She suggested their present provider which is Time Warner Digital which according to her has really good reception.

I have visited the website already but I have not told the husband about it. We usually talk about these things before we make a decision. It’s been only been a few months since we got on with the phone company we have right now. It’s not that bad but if we can find something cheaper, then we’ll go with that. I also saw that Time Warner Digital Cable is much cheaper than what we have right now so that is also something to consider. Hopefully, I'll be able to gather the information I need and let the husband know about this. It would be great to start saving ASAP.


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