Waiting Game...


Happy Friday everyone! Another week come has come and gone...and I can't say it's been a productive one for me. It seems all I did this week was sit around and watch TV every chance I got. I was planning to update my other blogs but...maybe next week, fingers crossed of course.

Today "may" turn out to be a good day for us. I am hoping things won't change and some thing we've been waiting for will happen later on in the day. I don't want to spill the details here as of yet. I want to wait until it's all done before I share the details of what I'm talking about here. Right now, I am somehow on the edge of my seat. I'm trying hard not to think about it so I'm looking for an undermount sink online because we need the sink replaced in the other house. The husband said something is wrong with it when he went to check it a few weeks ago. Hopefully, I'll find one that suits our budget. Honestly, we don't really want to spend a lot replacing stuff in that house as it is up for sale right now....way lower than its actual worth. Ugh! That's the economy's fault I'm afraid.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week. I'm off to do some other things to keep me busy. I hate the waiting game! Ciao!


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